Chen Long Wins CHINA Open!

It’s been months since right handed Chen Long won a Super Series singles title and until the China Open his last major win was the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. Chen Long has been using the N50 and occasionally the N80 until the 2017 China Open. He made a switch to the NEW N90IV badminton racket and it looks like this change served him well.

The new N90IV features a low balance point of 292 mm that makes it seem and feel lighter than it is. When you swing the badminton racket you instantly notice the premium construction and the medium flexible shaft provides that little extra kick of repulsion power that gives you an edge over your opponents.

The last time Chen Long faced Viktor Axelsen was in the semi-finals of the World Championships in August 2017. Viktor defeated the reigning world champion and went on to win beating Lin Dan in the finals. It may have been the home crowd or the home turf but this time Chen Long had control of the match with final scores of 21-14, 14-16 and 21-13.

It was great to see Chen Long settle into our New N90IV and win a major championship. It reinforces our ability to create premium badminton rackets that help top badminton players win against the world’s top athletes. The N90IV badminton racket looks as good as it plays and is finished in a matte gun metal grey base paint with red and silver accents. The badminton racket is designed to handle high string tensions of 32 lbs and looks stunning when strung with our RED No.1 string.

From the first match of the tournament Chen Long looked strong and on top of his game. It almost seemed as if his timing was perfect with every stroke of the badminton racket and his movement was near flawless. Sometimes an upgrade in badminton equipment gives an athlete enough of a mental boost to take them over the top and win matches that they may not otherwise win.

With an overall weight of 85g to 89g, the N90IV is definitely a power racket therefore it belongs to the MEGA POWER series. The slim tensile shaft and the 3D Breakfree head design make it more aerodynamic. The efficient design cuts through the air and increases swing speeds. The faster the swing speed, the harder the shuttlecock is hit so the N90IV badminton racket really generates a ton of power.

If you were able to watch the finals of the CHINA Open you would’ve noticed the extreme power that Chen Long generated with this amazing badminton racket. It was potent from the back court and precise in the forecourt. It did not matter what shot Chen Long was taking because it was firm and focused. Congratulations to Chen Long for another outstanding performance and it’s always a pleasure to watch a gentlemen play and perform his best.

If you’re interested in purchasing the new N90IV badminton racket you can visit our web site at and purchase directly online or you can use our handy find a dealer tool to locate the nearest retailer to you. If you live near our Toronto badminton store you are welcome to stop by and try the N90IV badminton racket on our full size test court or any one of our 75 plus badminton racket models that are on display!

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