We Offer Over 14 Badminton Shuttlecock Models

Playing with a good quality badminton shuttlecock not only makes the game of badminton more enjoyable, it improves the level of your game and helps create additional excitement. Li-Ning badminton shuttlecocks are offered in over 14 different models that are made from a variety of materials to meet a wide range of play levels and price points. Our entry level badminton shuttles are made from nylon and feature a natural cork base. Our nylon badminton shuttlecocks come in three speeds including slow (green band), medium (medium band) and fast (red band). Most players in the USA and Canada use medium or fast dependent upon the altitude that they play at. Medium speed is ideal for higher elevations like Denver and Calgary and fast speed is better for lower elevations like New York city and Montreal.

Our feather badminton shuttlecocks are made from either duck feathers or goose feathers with goose feathers typically lasting longer and duck feathers being more economical. The “A+” in our shuttlecock model names stands for Aviation Plus and the higher the model number, the better the shuttlecock flies and lasts. This said, our A+40 shuttlecock is an entry level training shuttlecock that is made from duck feathers and on the opposite end of the scale, our A+600 shuttlecock is our ULTIMATE goose feather shuttlecock that is used for top level international play. Our most popular models are the A+90 and A+100 because they are made from professional and premium grade goose feathers and are offered at very reasonable price points.

You will find a convenient shuttlecock rating system in the details section of all models. The ratings include tube quantity, speed, flight, durability, hitting feel, feather or construction type and shuttlecock base construction. No matter what badminton shuttlecock model you are thinking about buying, you can rest assured that if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return any unopened tubes for a full refund.

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