Li-Ning Badminton String Explained

One of the most important aspects of playing badminton is selecting a badminton string that complements your badminton racket and your play style. Li-Ning badminton offers 3 models of badminton string. The first is model No.1 badminton string. This string is the thinnest string that is offered by Li-Ning and is only .65 mm thick. The thinner the string the better it plays. A thinner badminton string delivers greater repulsion power because the string bed is able to repel the shuttlecock due to its superior elasticity characteristics. Think of it like a trampoline. The thinner the material you jump on the more it will stretch and bounce you upwards. The downside of a thinner badminton string is that it does not last as long and it’s not as durable as a thicker string. In addition to the repulsion power, a thinner string has sweet high pitch hitting sounds and just feels amazing to play with.

Most badminton players do not play with our thinnest string because if you mis-hit the badminton shuttlecock the chances of breaking the strings are higher than if the badminton racket is strung with a thicker string. The next Li-Ning badminton string model in the lineup is the No. 5. It is .69 mm thick and the .04 mm difference between the No.1 and the No. 5 may seem small but it is noticeably different in feel and play. The No. 5 badminton string is the most popular badminton string that Li-Ning badminton sells because it delivers a nice blend of durability and strength. Durability when you have to pay $25 to $35 to have your badminton racket strung is of considerable importance for obvious reasons. Although this string model does not have hitting sounds that are quite as nice as No. 1 stings, it makes up for it in overall performance and durability.

For those players that continually break their badminton strings, Li-Ning badminton offers No. 7 badminton strings. This model is .70 mm thick and is the strongest string in the lineup. It may seem like the slight increase in thickness is not overly significant but it truly is. This string is extra durable and it is fairly forgiving if you mishit the shuttlecock at the very top and very bottom of the badminton racket where strings are prone to breaking. All of our Li-Ning Badminton String models are available in convenient single pack tear away pouches and clam shell reels that should yield 20 to 21 rackets if you are careful with your stringing jobs.

Having your badminton racket professionally strung is of utmost importance because if you are going to invest in professional Li-Ning badminton string it will be beneficial to string it correctly. Li-Ning badminton offers manual and electronic stringing machine options and both options. Both do a great job at stringing badminton rackets but the electronic version is more consistent and it pre-stretches the string resulting in a superior overall stringing job. If you are in the market for premium badminton string that is straight forward and easy to understand, just remember that No.1 is repulsion, No.5 is a combination of repulsion and durability and No.7 is durability and can always be purchased from your local Li-Ning dealer or online at


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